Lavinia is an award-winning filmmaker. She grew up in France, speaks fluent French and German and graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in German and Politics. After her studies she went on to train as an actress in Paris (Cours Florent, Ecole de Théâtre de Paris), then New York (TVI Actors Studio). She appeared in several plays before turning to writing and directing for film and theatre. She wrote and produced her first play Célébrité: Mode d'Emploi (How to Become A Celebrity), at the Théatre de la Cité Bleue in Geneva, Switzerland. Her second play, The Saint Factory, was showcased at the English Theatre, Berlin.

Her first short, What Happened to Manfred, won Best Student Film award at the Around Films International Film Festival in Berlin and was screened at several international film festivals. She has written and directed three more shorts since then and is currently working on her first feature film.

Lavinia is passionate about social and political issues and will typically make these the focal point of her work.

She is co-founder and trustee of the youth charity Herts Young Leaders @hertsyl and completed a Master's Degree in Investigative Reporting in 2023.